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You are in for such a treat beauty. My name is Jessica Thompson, Premiere Virginia Wedding Planner Servicing Williamsburg, Richmond and Charlottesville. I am a fun-loving, bubbly, in love with love fanatic. I crave love-filled movies, watching them with my stud of a husband, and showering my babies with all the love. I kind of knew since I was younger, what I wanted to do but never thought I would be going at it full force. I am in love with The Little Mermaid, and everything Cinderella. Oh, and lets not forget Princess and The Frog! I have 2 fantastic boys that bring so much joy to my heart, a daughter that I never knew would fulfill all my expectations, and a princess in heaven that I got to carry in womb for 40 weeks. My hubby and I have been married  for 7 years and going on a lifetime. He truly is the key to my heart! Who is ready to meet these studs?

i'm jessica.

Hey There

from my stud of a husband, and from my two sweet boys



give me everything I will watch it all! LOL

watching love movies


OMG Yall! I cant get enough, my whole house is TJ MAXX

TJ Maxx


These are some binge watching shows y'all!

This is us and Love island


Okay ladies, who is with me! They put you on a whole other level, RIGHT!



Whether its your special day, birthday parties, or switching up house d├ęcor, its my jam!

Designing literally anything


When done right, these are some epic photos!

Sparkler exits


The joy of christmas, is my all time fave! Especially creating traditions:)

Christmas time


My hubz and I go on vacay at least 1-2 per year! Tropical is our style.



I can't get enough of them! Not to mention I love me some Jesus!

this family MY Jesus has blessed me with



things I'm Insanely in love with!

My Top Ten

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Eventually the company decided to go a different route, and me knowing I couldn't live without weddings! I opened up my gem (that's what I call it). 

Want to know more! keep reading)

I remembered I planned my wedding, and everyone said, "Jessica you should do this!" I immediately thought, "No Way, I could never!" Until I decided to quit my job, and stay home with my first born, and the rest was history. I started off working with an amazing company, and learned the basics of everything I needed to know! 

"I can't recommend her enough"

So, there it is! Here at Beautifully Divine, we can't wait to cater and pamper to you and your family! If your feeling the same way, we can't wait to hear about #allyourfaves and meet you:)

And I went through the process to make it happen. I wanted to create weddings that meant something, and make every bride feel the same way I did on my wedding day!

Thats when it started...

I remember when I was thinking of the name. I had a dream that my business was called Beautifully Divine. Jesus gave me that y'all 

My Story

Plan a Wedding on a Private Island 

Go Skydiving with the hubz!

Go to Disney World! I have never been

Go bungee jumping

Travel all around the world!

Get published in my favorite wedding magazine.

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


Started my gem of a business and never looked back!


Got engaged one last time, and knew what I was called to be! 


Hubz wasn't acting right so he had to fight to get me back!


Got Engaged, and started falling in love with wedding planning


Moved to North Carolina, and started working at Carolina Ale House where I met my husband


Moved to Williamsburg with my family


Moved to New York to pursue literally anything LOL!


Saw my husband for the first time! We worked at a restaurant together

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